Charity Audits and Examinations
G P Brookes Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant for Charity Audits & Accounts

G.P. Brookes FCA BSc FCIE ~ Chartered Accountant Firm

After many years in the not for profit sector my team and I have become specialists in the regulated and registered audit of charitable organisations.

In addition my team are individual members of a small group the Institute of Independent Examiners based in the West Midlands. They are a specialist institute for the examination of charity accounts now a recognised specialist area. 

Charity Audits & Accounts 






I am a registered statutory  auditor, and independent examiner for a large number of all sized charity entities and not for profit organisations including Housing RP's and non RP's   

The practice performs routine chartered accountancy work of accounts and taxation affairs of a small and growing number of sole traders and businesses usually associated to public benefit  or not for profit entities .

Charity Audits and Examinations
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